Scientists have created an unprecedented type of durable oxide glass. Under high pressure and temperature conditions, the research team successfully crystallized aluminosilicate glass.


The resulting crystal-like structures make the glass resistant to very high pressures and are retained under ambient conditions. Thus, the paracrystallization process is promising for producing glass with extremely high shatter resistance.

The new method starts with oxide glass, which has a rather disordered internal structure and is the most common commercial glass material. For example, using aluminosilicate containing silicon, aluminum, boron and oxygen, research teams in Germany and China have now succeeded in fabricating a new structure. To achieve this goal, they have applied technologies that require high pressure and temperature.

Even after reducing the pressure and temperature to normal environmental conditions, the paracrystalline structures in the aluminosilicate glass still exist. The ability of glass to penetrate these structures results in its strength being many times higher than before the paracrystallization process took place. Currently, glass reaches values up to 1.99 ± 0.06 MPa (m)¹/². This is a durability that has never been measured for oxide glass. At the same time, the transparency of glass is not seriously affected by the paracrystalline structure.

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