Is an expert in the field of environment and has a team of experienced experts and engineers who have carried out hundreds of projects of wastewater treatment, production of clean & purified, reused & recirculated water on a large industrial scale. NGO always aspires to be actively and responsibly participating in the mission to combat Climate Change for a better life and future for everyone.  


Is an e-commerce platform developed by NGO with the aim of providing customers with health and environmental protection products designed, developed, produced and distributed by NGO together with technology partners and leading reputable manufacturers in the market. Our products serve both industrial projects and consumers.

NGOSHOP facilitates customers to have an easy, safe and fast online shopping experience through a reputable operating and payment support platform, with product advice from a team of high-quality technology experts.

Dear: Valued Customers, Partners and Colleagues 

On behalf of the Board of Directors of NGO International Co., Ltd., I would like to send all of you my best wishes for health and sincere thanks. NGO International Co., Ltd with NGO brand was established with the mission of providing INNOVATIVE, PREMIUM QUALITY, COST OPTIMIZING solutions and products in the field of environment, health for an increasingly better future. We are very honored to be awarded the certificates of TOP 20 Famous Brands 2022, Typical Entrepreneur in 2021, “TOP 50 Famous Brands in Vietnam 2021”, “TOP 50 Perfect Service for the benefit of consumers 2021” and trusted by hundreds of large domestic and foreign customers such as Nuti Food, Micoem, Carlsberg, Sindoh, IGE Engineering, Coilcraft USA, Baosteel, etc. After many years of providing environmental treatment technology solutions and equipment for projects in Vietnam and international markets, with our strengths, we have continued to cooperate with technology partners in the world to develop and introduce environmental protection and health protection products to the consumer segment in the market. As we all know, convenient products and fast consumption habits today have been causing serious pollution all over the world, leading to rapid deterioration in health and living environment. Everyone wants to contribute to solving the negative impacts of environmental pollution and climate change from small daily consumption actions but there is very little choice due to the limited availability of such products in the market. Therefore, we have built NGO SHOP ( to help consumers choose good and safe products that meet daily needs while still contributing to environmental protection and health protection. All members of NGO work together and constantly learn to find true meaning in our daily work to participate actively and responsibly in protecting the environment, combating climate change and ensuring sustainable development. With our dedication and dedication, we wish more and more customers to accompany, trust and choose NGO. Together, we will build a civilized, sustainable and responsible consumer society.   

Yours Sincerely,

Chairman of the Board of Members Ngo Van Tam


NGOSHOP is oriented to become a commercial platform providing leading equipment and products in the fields of health and environmental protection on the basis of NGO’s technology and innovative & cost-optimized solutions.

For the environment quality, health & a better and better life


NGO SHOP gathers excellent individuals who together CREATE RELIABLE products on the basis of SIMPLIFYING technology solutions and with DONATION for SUSTAINABLE development, environmental quality and community health.

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