Beer is made from… bathroom and washing machine wastewater

Wastewater used to produce Epic OneWater Brew beer has gone through a series of treatment methods, including microfiltration and ultraviolet rays, so it is guaranteed to be clean and safe. This beer has undergone a series of treatment methods, including microfiltration and ultraviolet rays, so drinkers can be completely assured of its cleanliness and safety.

The beer is produced by water treatment company Epic Cleantec, based in San Francisco (USA), in cooperation with a local brewery. But this beer is currently not for sale, because regulations prohibit the use of recycled wastewater in commercial beverages. And the company only produced 7,000 cans.


Epic Cleantec has equipped buildings with water recycling systems capable of recycling up to 95% of wastewater, from toilet and sink wastewater to washing machine and bathtub wastewater…

First, the company uses biological treatment to remove organic matter, then microfiltration through a membrane just 0.04 microns thick (about 0.05% of the thickness of human hair), and finally ultraviolet sterilization. purple and chlorine. This system produces water that is safe for reuse in activities such as toilet and urinal flushing, irrigation and laundry.

The system installed in the Fifteen Fifty is designed to recycle 28,390 liters of water/day, or up to 1.041 million liters/year.

Epic Cleantec says the system has other benefits: heat recovered from wastewater can be used to heat household water, cutting heating costs; Organic matter in wastewater can be used to produce natural soil products, which can then be used in gardens or parks.

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