Can this very familiar thing in homes with young children help protect the environment and also the wallet?

This solution can solve two important problems, first is diaper waste and then is the amount of money spent on construction materials.


A team of researchers replaced sand in concrete with used diapers and the mixture was used to build a house in Indonesia.

Although the idea of adding diapers to concrete is not entirely new, this is the first project tested with the aim of building a low-cost house that complies with Indonesian construction standards.

Sand, cement, stone and water mixed together will create concrete. The role of sand is to increase density, prevent shrinkage, increase volume and increase surface area in contact with the adhesive (cement). Conventional concrete is 60 to 80% sand and gravel.


Scientists tested and concluded that they could use 1.73 m3 of diapers in building a house with a floor area of 36 m2. Structural and load-bearing components have a maximum recycled diaper ratio of 10% and this ratio can be up to 40% for other non-structural components.

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