Developing “non-flammable” technology for lithium-ion batteries

Faced with the fact that there are many lithium-ion battery fires and explosions causing serious consequences, scientists are starting to develop a new, safer technology for lithium-ion batteries called “non-flammable technology”.


This is because Lithium-ion batteries can catch fire easily, usually when damaged or when overheated due to overload, causing chemical reactions in a process called thermal runaway.

Form Energy – one of the leading companies in manufacturing replacement batteries for the power grid. Instead of having to use organic solvents like ethylene carbonate in lithium-ion batteries to charge, Form Energy uses iron and water.

This type of battery operates according to an iron rust cycle: when charged, the iron oxide plates in the module will electrolyze into metallic iron, and when needed to produce electricity, oxygen will be introduced into the module, turning metallic iron. into oxide form and discharge the electricity. They pride themselves on the safety of this battery because the system has “no risk of thermal runaway.”

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