Drinking water directly from the tap without boiling, risks or benefits?

Consumers can safely use drinking water directly without boiling if the water is filtered by a water purifier that meets QCVN6-1:2010/BYT standards.

1. Boiled water for a long time will be less safe

According to studies, boiling water at a high temperature causes water to change its natural structure such as reducing oxygen and trace elements, making it take longer for people to drink this water. Experts say that, when water is boiled at 100 degrees Celsius, most of the bacteria in the water have been destroyed. However, boiled water will have a risk of re-infection after about 12-24 hours and increase many times thereafter. On the market selling water purifiers with the ability to filter clean drinking directly without boiling is very convenient, consumers can choose to buy and use water instead of using poor quality filters and containers.

Hiểm hoạ cho sức khoẻ khi uống nước đun sôi lại nhiều lần

2. Cold water without boiling is still good

Currently in developed countries, if we pay attention, we can see that they no longer have the habit of boiling water like in us, but drink it directly from the faucet of the water purifier. In the Vietnamese market, there are also many types of water purifiers on the market, in which, for household water purifiers with the purpose of using filtered water for direct drinking, cooking, etc. For baking, preparation, sanitation, etc., the water quality needs to meet the National Technical Regulations for direct drinking water. Therefore, consumers should note that when choosing to buy a home water purifier, it is necessary to check and certify that the quality of the filtered water meets the National Standards for Direct Drinking Water (also known as the National Standards for Direct Drinking Water). with bottled water and purified drinking water – QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT) or not?

Uống nước trực tiếp tại vòi đối với những máy lọc nước đã được chứng nhận đạt QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT

Answering the question of whether all water purifiers produce drinking water directly, Dr. Le Thai Ha – Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health, Ministry of Health  said, it is impossible to confirm that the filter Any water on the market can filter drinking water directly, but it must be a water purifier that has been certified to pass QCVN6-1:2010/BYT.

According to research, NGO International Co., Ltd. has been one of the pioneers in the field of reuse, limiting the creation of plastic waste to the maximum, an enterprise that has been tested for quality. water treatment capacity and was granted a certificate of water quality after being filtered to meet the National Standards (QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT) of the Technical Center for Standards, Metrology and Quality 1.

The smart filtration system of the water purifier based on the standards of NGO International Co., Ltd. is capable of removing up to 99.99% of dirt, organic substances, heavy metals, toxic substances, copper, etc. Timely filter out harmful bacteria and viruses that are parasitic in water thanks to the leading advanced RO filtration technologies. Besides, the functional cores of the machine also replenish minerals and balance the natural sweetness of the water. Therefore, users can rest assured when drinking directly through our water purification system without boiling.

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