Fireproof panels and new materials for the fashion industry from mycelium

Scientists at RMIT University (Australia) developed technology that allows mushrooms to be grown in thin sheet form to be used as fireproof panels and new materials for the fashion industry.

By applying a number of different growth conditions and chemicals, the team developed a new method to create wallpaper-thin, uniform, fire-resistant sheets of mycelium without destroying the structure. their fibrous network structure.


According to an expert in biotechnology and mycology at RMIT University (Australia): “Usually fungi [in organic waste] exist in mixed form, mixed with food scraps. However, we have found a way to grow pure mycelium in sheet form. These panels can be stacked on top of each other and made into products for many purposes – from material panels for the construction industry to faux leather fabrics for the fashion industry.”

In it, fungal mycelium can form an insulating layer of char when exposed to fire or radiant heat. The higher the temperature and longer the char layer of the mycelium survives, the more suitable it is as a fireproof material.

These results are published in the journal Polymer Degradation and Stability. Scientists say that in the future, this research could facilitate the production of better quality and environmentally friendly building cladding panels.

The research team is now looking to create mushroom mats reinforced with synthetic fibers to slow ignition, reduce fire intensity and improve fire safety ratings.

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