France: Recycle 95% of glass from used solar cells

A French factory recycles used solar cells at a rate of up to 95% for glass.


Every 2 minutes, Envie 2E company’s factory line cuts 1 used solar panel. With blades heated to 300 degrees Celsius, the line will cut and separate all the layers in each panel, including the aluminum frame, glass panels and photovoltaic cells. Among them, glass panels are the parts that can be recycled most easily, as raw materials for other products.

The company also said it has achieved a recycling rate of up to 95% for glass. Other components of the battery panels are also taken to specialized units to process and recover metal components such as silver, copper and silicon, which have high value.

Not only recycling, this factory also sorts panels that are still in relatively good working order for reuse, providing a low-cost option for consumers who want to install household solar panels.

According to Môi trường & Đô thị

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