Manufacture of edible cups as an alternative to disposable cups

Australian startup Good-Edi recently launched an edible cup to replace the traditional PE paper cups commonly used in coffee shops.

This new product is biodegradable and is expected to help reduce waste disposal steps, such as landfilling or incineration, for disposable cups.

A few people have tried Good-Edi’s cups and said they taste like sugar-free wheat crackers. This raises the question: Would coffee drinkers want to eat a cup if they didn’t consider it a treat?

Good-Edi says its main purpose is to help ensure sustainability, creating products that are more environmentally friendly than plastic-coated paper cups, even if their customers don’t eat them. This new cup.

The above company said their products can biodegrade after 2-6 weeks. According to Good-Edi’s analysis, with domestic materials, the production of each cup only produces 80 grams of CO2 during its lifetime, 27% lower than the 110 grams of CO2 produced in The process of producing a paper cup is imported from abroad.

According to Môi trường & Đô thị

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