New technology helps control waste odor

Scientists at Tongji University (China) have developed a new technology that has been proven effective in controlling odors at waste transfer stations.

The new technology uses a pulsed power supply – which can generate instantaneous power – to form a plasma treatment area. In the waste treatment industry, plasma technology is commonly used due to its outstanding advantages such as helping to completely eliminate bacteria and increase humidity in the air, purify unpleasant odors, as well as the ability to inhibit inhibit virus development in the environment.

Explaining the mechanism of the new technology, air pollution control expert Qiang Ning said that the smell of waste flying through the plasma area will trigger oxidation and deodorization reactions, helping to limit odor concentration, creating Green emissions, odorless and safe for human health.

Plasma is known as a “green” technology as it does not produce any chemicals harmful to human health during operation.

According to THX, this deodorizing technology has been piloted at the Tanghui waste transfer station in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, Eastern China.

After a period of application, waste odor in all operating areas of Tanghui station was significantly lower than before, while no odor was detected in surrounding areas.

In addition, this technology has low power consumption, the machines are easy to operate and do not require regular maintenance, helping to save costs.

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