NGO company introduces water desalination and recirculation solutions at MOSCO FAIR 2022

Innovative Business Linkage – Open Market Promotion – MOSCO FAIR September 2022 event with the participation of more than 500 businesses and organizations connecting from Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hue, Binh Duong, France and Korea took place on September 29 and 30, organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.


In recent years, due to the serious impact of climate change as well as the increasing standards of main consumer markets such as the US, EU, Japan…, farming, processing and production businesses Aquaculture pays a lot of attention to technologies that help reuse water. This requires an understanding of the production characteristics of the business, as well as appropriate technology, which both helps the business comply with environmental regulations and helps minimize water use costs in production and business activities. joint.


NGO giới thiệu các giải pháp khử mặn sử dụng công nghệ RO hoặc ED (electrodialysis) và giải pháp tái tuần hoàn nước trong nuôi trồng thuỷ hải sản sử dụng màng Biofilm bán thẩm thấu cho các đại biểu, doanh nghiệp tại sự kiện. Công nghệ này rất phù hợp các các vùng ĐBSCL và đã đón nhận rất nhiều sự quan tâm từ các doanh nghiệp tham gia sự kiện.

Một số hình ảnh tại sự kiện:




NGOs actively participate in the Innovation Alliance with new, cost-optimized technology solutions to contribute to solving difficult problems that businesses are facing under the impact of climate change.

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