Tien Phong Marathon is an annual tournament with high scale and prestige across the country, attracting nearly 5,000 athletes to participate each year. The tournament has strongly spread the movement to exercise and protect health among young people nationwide.


Tien Phong Marathon 2023 takes place on March 25 – 26, 2023, bringing an extremely exciting and vibrant atmosphere for all running lovers as well as people in the beautiful city of Lai Chau.

With the mission of “Improving quality of life, health and environmental protection”, the Z MiNi Filter product possesses advanced UF filtration technology, helping to remove 99.9% of bacteria in water, while retaining minerals. substances beneficial to health. The Z MiNi filter is extremely useful to help Runners on every race conquer new heights.

1 Z MiNi 650ML Filter can filter 3000 Liters of water, thereby helping users reduce plastic waste equivalent to 6000 plastic bottles in the environment.


As a leading provider of solutions and products in the field of health and environment, NGO always aspires to actively participate in programs that help raise awareness about health protection, environmental protection and move towards Build a pollution-free consumption society.

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