Recycle cut hair into products for the environment

This is a campaign in Belgium to collect cut hair for an environmental protection project of a non-governmental organization.

The Hair Recycling Project will use the collected hair, put it into a processing machine, and turn it into hair mats that can be used to absorb oils and other hydrocarbons that pollute the environment, or made into composite bags. biology.

Patrick Janssen – one of the founders of the project, said that each kilogram of hair has the ability to absorb 7 – 8 liters of oil and hydrocarbons and these hair mats can be placed in sewer pipes to absorb pollution in the water before flowing. to the river.


The project’s website highlights the advantages of hair that many people do not expect. For example, a strand of hair can support 10 million times its own weight, can absorb fats and hydrocarbons, and has high elasticity thanks to keratin fibers.

Previously, there have been many other projects to collect hair for environmental protection purposes after people accidentally discovered that hair can absorb oil, including oil spills at sea. So far, these projects are being widely received and applied.

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