Solution to reduce particle pollution caused by electric car tires

Electric cars are considered the cars of the future because they eliminate the problem of fuel emissions from the tailpipe, but the problem of particulate pollution from tire wear remains unresolved.

ENSO, a British company that just won a global environmental award called Earthshot, known as the “Oscar” of environmental protection, is paying attention to this issue.


At that time, ENSO company pledged to produce tires with greater durability. This increases durability and prolongs service life, while minimizing particulate contamination.

Studies have shown that tire and brake wear are responsible for invisible microscopic particulate pollution, and the level of pollution is significantly greater than that caused by motor vehicle emissions. caused by internal combustion. Abrasive particles from tires are also microplastics. There is emerging evidence that, in addition to their polluting effects on the environment, these particles harm heart and lung health, and may cause cancer.

ENSO’s solution is to use higher quality raw materials, combined with better production techniques. Thanks to that, ENSO was able to improve its tires in the context that many tire manufacturers in the US did not pay attention to the issue of tire durability.

Tests organized by Transport for London show that cars using ENSO-made tires can reduce particulate emissions by 35%, while the tire life is 10% greater, compared to other Vehicles using other tires

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