Unique: Helmet made from eco-friendly scallop shells

A protective headgear made from environmentally friendly plastic combined with recycled scallop shells has been developed by Japanese startup Quantum.

Japanese startup Quantum proposed with Sarufutsu village and TBWA HAKUHODO company to take measures to recycle scallop shells, turning them into light and sturdy helmets that workers can use. daily use. As a result, HOTAMET – a helmet made from environmentally friendly plastic and recycled scallop shells was born.


HOTAMET is designed to be biomimetic and helps reduce marine litter. The helmet uses the ridges and slopes of seashells to remind the wearer that the item on the head is made from recycled seashells. The hat is also inflated to fit the human head. Using clamshell as the sole material was not optimal, so experts added eco-friendly plastic to give it strong and lightweight properties.

The scallop shell helmet weighs only about 400 grams. The manufacturing team believes that by applying the special embossed structure of the clamshell, the helmet’s durability will increase by about 30% compared to the conventional shape. The hat can be used in many different situations such as natural disaster prevention, cycling and working at construction sites.

HOTAMET’s clamshell shape not only looks cool but is also functional, according to Shintaro Kadota, chief designer at Quantum. “From material development to design, we aim to create sustainable and environmentally friendly products. The helmet is light, sturdy and has a simple design. Therefore, you can use it for a long time in many different situations,” he said.

According to Quanly.moitruongvadothi.vn

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