Công ty TNHH Quốc tế NGO would like to sincerely thank our Valued Customers who have trusted and accompanied NGO International products and brands.

In order to ensure the interests of customers and improve the quality of after-sales services, NGO International Co., Ltd would like to send you the Regulations on warranty policy of our NGO International branded products that are imported, assembled, manufactured and distributed officially in Vietnam market, as follows:


1. A product is warranted free of charge if it meets the following conditions:

  • Product has technical defects due to the manufacturer
  • Product has its original seal, manufacturer’s warranty stamp, and must have full accompanying components, accessories and gifts, VAT invoice, and warranty card.
  • Returned goods are not defective in appearance (distorted, scratched, stained, broken, etc.)
  • Still within the warranty period (on the Warranty Card or on the electronic warranty system)
  • All cases that customers report errors with unclear or uncertain information must be transferred to the Service Center for evaluation before making a warranty decision or returning goods.

2. Cases of no warranty or incurring warranty fee:

  • Violating one of the free warranty conditions in the above section.
  • Consumable supplies such as filters, membrane, etc. will not be exchanged for new ones.
  • Product’s series number, model is invalid (does not match the information on the Warranty Card or on the electronic warranty system)
  • Customers arbitrarily intervene, repair product or repair it at service centers that are not authorized by the Company
  • Product is damaged due to the user error, and that damage is not within the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Arbitrarily dismantling, changing product structure, using incorrect instructions, using improper components.
  • Product is damaged by improper use of instructions, wrong use of voltage as prescribed.
  • Product shows signs of damage caused by mice or insects.
  • Product is damaged by mechanical impact such as falling, breaking, bumping, scratching, dented, wet, rusted, or due to fire, natural disasters.
  • With products purchased at NGO International Co., Ltd but beyond the warranty period, our Company will provide charging repair services for you.

3. Warranty period:

The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase of the product (based on valid purchase invoice or valid warranty card) and does not exceed the warranty period calculated by the date of manufacturer shown on the anti-counterfeiting electronic stamp or stamps on the machine body.

*Valid invoice and Warranty Card: fully recorded customer information, customer phone number, machine model, series, and purchase date.

4. Guide to request for warranty:

You can call our Company’s customer care department to request a warranty:

For further information, please contact us:

Hotline: 0969 867 924/ 0969 867 925


  • Electrical equipment, technological equipment installed in the system/module performed or installed individually by NGO in the existing system of customer will be entitled to a 12-month warranty policy from the date of handover of equipment to customer, except for items corroded, worn out or consumed naturally during use.
  • Terms of detailed warranty will apply according to the terms specified in Contract.