Z-Filter – Gen Z’s Choice

Generation Z –  the pioneering generation for big changes

Born in the last years of the 20th century with the beginning of the IoT digital era, Generation Z has the speed of thinking technology and global reach, but also has to witness tremendous changes. of the world

Climate change, Earth warming, Drought and famine, epidemics of diseases caused by environmental pollution, etc. Humanity is facing a RED ALARM for survival. 

Generation Z  is the one responsible for handling the biggest challenge: Earth’s survival. Therefore, they choose to act to bring about changes in thinking, behavior, lifestyle, the way humans treat other species and the way humans treat nature. 

Generation Z uses water with Z-FILTER because this is the lifestyle they choose:​

  • Boldly say no to pollution: Do not use water that is uncertain about its quality; Do not or limit the use of plastic packaging and create plastic waste.
  • Ready to protect water resources: Use only enough water for needs, do not buy water and then throw it away because it is a waste of resources while in many places on earth thousands and millions of people There is no water for domestic use. Understanding the impact of over-exploitation of groundwater, understanding the costs and resources that must be used to produce 1L of clean water does not allow Generation Z to use water wastefully. Convenience does not mean waste or overconsumption.
  • Wisely choose natural minerals for the body: Do not trade natural minerals with industrial minerals. With Z, nature is always the best choice.
  • Always ready in any situation: As a generation that loves to move, discover Generation Z always equipped with smart and versatile tools that can be used in any situation, especially in emergencies. Willingness to go anywhere and  experience every favorite horizon.
  • Be Active Anytime, Anywhere: A simple carry-on is just what Gen Z needs to focus their energies on meaningful activities wherever they go or do.


  • Z filter consists of 3 filtration stages: (1) pre-filter, (2) ultra-filter & (3) activated carbon to remove all suspended sediments, pollutants, heavy metals & bacteria present in water for filtration. pure water with beneficial minerals intact. The filter uses 10nm ultrafiltration materials that meet FDA, NSF/ANSI 61 standards of the US, ensuring safe use for the food and pharmaceutical fields. The material of the bottle is sturdy, good impact resistance, the suction head is covered with food grade silicone. The quality of the filtered water has been tested at Quatest and is guaranteed to be used for drinking by the Ministry of Health. The great advantage with Z-FILTER is that you will always enjoy the best NATURAL MINERAL WATER for your health. Water does not need to be boiled without any bacteria getting through.
  • Other pollution components including Heavy Metals, organic pollution are also completely removed after using Z Filter 
  • The Z filter is equipped with additional accessories for You to use with different ways:  2 nozzles, long silicone straws, water bag. The most convenient way is to use Filter Z with 1 nozzle as a small water bottle if you want to be really compact.
  • Filter Z has a service life of 5 years.
  • Good use with water sources such as: tap water in all locations, river water, streams, ponds, lakes, bottled water…
  • After use, remember to clean the bottle clean, especially after using it with water sources such as rivers, streams, ponds with high turbidity.

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