Z MiNi filter bottle stands out at PHARMEDI 2023 exhibition

At the Vietnam International Medical Exhibition 2023, in addition to the pure Water and Steam treatment system for the Pharmaceutical industry, NGO’s Z MiNi 650 ML filter bottle also received attention and orders in large quantities.

According to customer reviews, the Z MiNi 650ml filter bottle product line is loved by

  • Compact and convenient design
  • Effectively treats turbidity, color, odor, pollutants, bacteria… in domestic water sources and in public locations
  • Retains natural minerals that are beneficial for health, does not remove 100% of minerals like RO reverse osmosis technology.
  • With 3 levels of treatment using separation and filtration methods, including 2 levels of bacterial filtration.
  • UF ultrafiltration technology is certified by NSF 61/FDA of the US, ensuring safety and effectiveness.
  • 04 diverse colors: Black, purple, blue, charcoal blue

Besides, the product also contributes to spreading the spirit of healthy living, green living, creating green consumption habits and limiting plastic waste into the environment.

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