‘Indicating’ the sources of air pollution in Hanoi

National environmental status report on air environment, air pollution in Hanoi as well as the Northern provinces is mainly PM2.5 dust pollution. So what is the source of air pollution in Hanoi?

Hanoi is facing an increasingly serious air pollution situation. Monitoring results of the Center for Environmental Monitoring and Modeling Research (Hanoi National University) in 2022 show that the capital’s air environment in 2022 has suffered 758 tons of PM2.5 fine dust. , more than 8,400 tons of CO gas and nearly 110,000 tons of CO2 gas.

According to a report by the Hanoi Environmental Protection Department, there are some main reasons as follows.

1. Means of transportation

With more than 770 thousand cars and nearly 6 million motorbikes circulating daily, emissions from traffic contribute a large part to environmental pollution. PM2.5 fine dust, CO gas and CO2 gas from engines have created an unpredictable picture of pollution.

2. Industrial parks and craft villages

Hanoi currently has 17 industrial parks and more than 800 craft villages, where production and processing not only create dust and toxic emissions, but also contribute to the increase of air pollution.

Đóng góp các nguồn thải bụi mịn PM 2.5

3. Garbage and straw burning activities

Burning post-harvest trash and straw, along with the use of honeycomb charcoal stoves, has created large amounts of emissions that pollute the air environment. People’s lack of control and awareness of environmental protection also contributes to aggravating this situation.

4. Infrastructure and waste management

Many localities do not have waste transfer points, leading to the use of waste collection points on the road, obstructing traffic. Inadequate technical infrastructure, narrow alleys, and improper dumping and burning of trash are challenges that need to be overcome.

5. Control means of transportation

Controlling emissions from vehicles transporting construction materials and motorbikes is difficult, although there has been increased inspection and handling by the authorities. The situation of land theft, waste, sand and soil manipulation, environmental sanitation violations… has not been completely resolved.

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