1. In case NGO sends the wrong order:

If the order that you receive is incorrect in quantity, color or has technical problems that cannot be fixed (technical errors from the manufacturer), pleased contact our Hotline for fastest support. The order will be returned to the address we provide and please request a new order. We will confirm whether the order is eligible for exchange or not and you can exchange the same product as soon as possible. NGO will bear all shipping costs for these orders.

Defective product can only be exchanged after it has been confirmed by an NGO technician and complies with the following conditions:

    • The product is determined to be a genuine NGO product (based on purchase invoice, identification stamp affixed to the product and has been registered for warranty).
    • The product must still have its seal, manufacturer’s warranty stamp, and must have full accompanying accessories and gifts, VAT invoice, and warranty card.
    • Returned goods are not defective in appearance (distorted, scratched, stained, broken, etc.)
    • Consumable supplies such as filters, membrane, etc. will not be exchanged for new ones.
    • iTime to apply for exchange: Maximum within 03 days from the date of purchase for water purifier products. Maximum within 05 days from the date of purchase for water dispenser products.

Please keep the packaging and stamps of the product when returned and exchanged

Number of time to return and exchange for 1 product is 1 time

Note: We only process the return and exchange when there is a video of receiving goods and opening goods to verify.

2. In case of product return and exchange for personal reasons:

We will not be responsible for exchanging goods due to changes in needs, colors, or for any reasons not related to the technical issue of the product after the order is successfully delivered.

Note: You should not use sharp objects to open the package to avoid damaging the product inside. For cases where the product is damaged by customer’s fault, NGO is unfortunately unable to support you to exchange/warrant the product. 

3. Change of transaction:

In all cases, at the time the customer has ordered and NGO has confirmed the order, it will not be able to cancel the order.

If you want to change the product color, quantity, or size, or change shipping address, please contact us via the hotline for the fastest support.

4. Over time of product exchange:

We will NOT process the cases where the product exchange time exceeds the time limit specified in the above section. You are still entitled to the warranty period for each product specified in Section II – Warranty period and satisfy the free warranty conditions specified in Section III – WARRANTY CONDITIONS**See more about the warranty policy at: (

    • In case of product exchange, the parties will agree on the difference amount between the value of the newly replaced product and the defective product replaced that one party needs to pay back to the other party at the time of exchanging the product.
    • In case of equivalent product exchange – equivalent of categories, features, forms and values – the exchange of product will be done for free of charge.

All spare parts, components or defective, damaged or replaced products under these warranty terms will become the property of NGO International Co., Ltd.

5. Contact & Comment:

We are willing to listen to your comments and requirements.

You can contact us via the hotline 0969 867 924/ 0969 867 925 to comment on our products and services.