NGO Shop always aims at providing the best delivery service for all your orders.

After you successfully order at the website, we will send an email or a Zalo OA message to the information provided by you to notify, which includes the detailed content of the order that has been successfully placed.

We support nationwide delivery with the following policy:

1. How to purchase goods

Option 1: Order directly via our Hotline:

You can call NGO’s hotline for free consultation on product features and choose the right products for your needs!

Option 2: Buy goods via website:

You can order via our website. NGO will process orders as soon as possible based on the product and the information provided by you.

2. Delivery scope

 Applicable to all provinces across the country.

3. Delivery time

NGO Shop uses delivery companies to send goods to customers. Depending on each company, there will be policies of delivery during and outside office hours (evening or weekends).

– For customers in Hanoi: Delivery time ranges from 30 minutes to 2 working days depending on the transportation package chosen by customer.

– For customers in other provinces: Delivery time is within 2-7 working days. Customers can choose a fast delivery package (2-4 days) or slow delivery package (5-7 days) with different shipping fees.

Note: The actual delivery time may be faster or slower than the expected time – depending on the force majeure events (floods, natural disasters, epidemics, etc.). We will notify you if this time is longer than 10 working days. In case of urgent goods, you can contact NGO via Email, telephone or Facebook for faster delivery.

In the process of delivery, if customers want to be issued invoices and documents, the Company will send invoices to customers when buying directly at the store or in case of receiving goods at home, we will send them via email in the process of using the service.

4. Delivery form

– For customers in other provinces: Use delivery services or shipping services..

– For urban/suburban customers: Use the provincial delivery services

* Determine the responsibilities of traders, logistics service providers on providing goods documents during delivery.

Logistics service providers are responsible for providing evidence of goods delivery (photos and signature of the goods receiver) to the buyer and the seller when required.

5. Checking policy

After receiving goods and paying, you need to record videos of the process of opening and checking the product. Goods testing is not supported.

Scope of checking goods:

  • Please open the package to check to make sure that the order is delivered in the correct product code, size, color, material, etc. as the order placed. No product testing.
  • Absolutely do not peel off, open product boxes with seals and stamps.

When you check the product, if the product received is not like the product on the order, please contact us via Hotline: 0969 867 924 or 0969 867 925 or Email: for support.

Learn more about our exchange policy at (